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Singapore Launch of Coonoor Kripalani’s Let’s do Yoga at AFCC 2014

Singapore Launch of Coonoor Kripalani’s Let’s do Yoga at AFCC 2014

“Be an Animal!”

Singapore Launch of Coonoor Kripalani’s Let’s do Yoga

at AFCC 2014

“Just wanted to congratulate and thank you for a cool event and a fun family day! This book you have created is so much more than a story for children. It is so much bigger!! To give kids this knowledge and excitement for yoga from such a young age is one of the most valuable gifts to keep them healthy and happy forever. Thank you. I am so excited to share it with friends this summer!”

This lovely message from a loyal reader of my books, after the launch of Let’s do Yoga, at the AFCC 2014, brought home the joy of creating picture books for early readers. It was a pleasure to see young readers, some familiar with my books, and others who are new to them, fellow authors, members of the AFCC 2014 organization, friends and family, among the audience, as I presented the book for the first time in Singapore.

Even the young sat silently to listen, as I explained the rationale of the book before I began the reading. Armed with their yoga mats, young readers followed the poses led by Aparna and Riya, as I read a few sample pages to them. Aged as young as 16 months and going up to adult ages, the audience was attentive to the reading and the poses that were explained. The young members of the audience loved being trees, downward dogs, lions, crocodiles, butterflies and other animals…

At the end of the reading, Tara distributed treats wrapped in miniature covers of the book, that everyone enjoyed. As I sat signing copies for readers, the books flew off the shelves, and I was delighted to learn that the book was so popular!! Thank you friends and readers for your support.

Some cool pictures of the kids doing yoga

Cat Pose- Let do Yoga

Downward Dog Pose- Lets do Yoga

Crocodile Pose- Let do Yoga

Titli Pose- Let do Yoga


Coonoor Kripalani signing books at AFCC, June, 2014


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