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Would You Be BFFs?

Would You Be BFFs?

Discover what you and your daughter have in common — and time travel back to when you were a kid — by taking our revealing quiz.

Does your daughter ever ask, “What were you like when you were my age?” Well, here’s your chance to show her. Print out two copies of our quiz. Then fill out one (answering the way you would have at your daughter’s age) as she completes the other. At the end, compare notes and see how much you had in common — each answer you match on is worth 10 points. Have fun!

Print the quiz!

My best subject in school is _____________________________.

2 I live in

·         A. Dresses

·         B. Jeans

·         C. My sports uniform

·         D. Leggings and sweatshirts

My favourite colour is ________________________.

If I could eat any food every day, it would be ______________________.

When I grow up, I want to be a _______________________________.

My biggest fear is

·         A. Spiders

·         B. Storms

·         C. Getting lost

·         D. Ghosts and monsters

The favourite type of pet is a:                

·         A. Dog

·         B. Cat

·         C. Hamster/gerbil/guinea pig

·         D. Fish

When it comes to socializing, I’m        

·         A. Popular. I go to birthday parties all the time.

·         B. Happiest spending time with one or two good friends.

·         C. A little shy at first—it takes time for me to open up!

·         D. A homebody. I prefer being with my family.

Check the one that sounds most like your school mornings.

·         A. I bounce out of bed early, usually in a good mood.

·         B. My mom has to drag me out of bed; I often have to run for the bus.

10 My favourite gym activity is:

·         A. Volleyball

·         B. Basketball

·         C. Relay races

·         D. None; gym isn’t my thing!           


90 to 100: You two are super tight. And it’s no wonder: You have so much in common. Had you been kids at the same time, you would’ve been besties!

60 to 80: Trade friendship bracelets—with all you share, you surely could have been GFFs, maybe even BFFS!

40 to 50: Good buds! To get even closer, review the questions you differed on and use them as inspiration for new conversations. We bet you find even more common ground.

0 to 30: OK, so maybe your daughter and your inner kid don’t have that much in common. But hey, you’ve got the rest of your lives to find those “me, too!” moments. And just doing this quiz was a step towards strengthening your bond.  

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