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 #04: The Shifting Sands
Deltora is a land of monsters and magic ...
Age: 8-13
 #1 Seven Wheel
Welcome to the Black Belt Club - where four brave karate students must battle danger and overcome evil during a special, secret martial-arts mission. The darkets force in the universe has...
Age: 8-13
10 Best Bible Stories Ever
Noah flees the flood! ...
Age: 8-13
10 Best Shakespeare Stories Ever
Terry Deary re-tells the bard's ten best stories ... with a modern twist. From midsummer mix-ups and magic, to ten dead in Denmark, fans will love Shakespeare's stories presented as never before....
Age: 8-13
10 Best Viking Legends Ever!
Eye- popping Odin. ...
Age: 8-13
100 Most Dangerous Things On The Planet
Learn how to face and survive the most disastrous things that could possibly happen! From terrifying natural disasters to dangerous weather, from getting lost in the wild to fighting off ferocious...
Age: 8-13
Lexile: 960
100 Science Lessons Year 3
A comprehensive scheme for science, restructured to match QCA Science Scheme of Work. The key features of the book include: even better coverage of the Science curriculum, with the inclusion of new...
Age: 8-13
100 Science Puzzles
Bal Phondke confounds you with a set of 100 science teasers to test your knowledge of science.
Age: 8-13
1001 Wizard Things to Spot
A brilliant puzzle book for wannabee wizards! ...
Age: 8-13