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103 Everyday Inventions, Discoveries, Creations and Stuff
The 103 series brings you concepts, discoveries, paradoxes, journeys, mysteries and stuff from fields ad diverse as science, travel, sports and history. Including the profound and the playful, the...
Age: 8-14
Celebrate friendship with this gorgeous box crammed with things that you can share with your BEST FRIEND! This kit includes a totally friendship book, beautiful bracelets that you can exchange with...
Age: 10-13,8-9,14,7
Cartooning Tricks
In this book, you will learn ow to bring figures to life using techniques like speech balloons and special effects. So take out your pencils and get started. Happy Drawing!
Age: 10-13,8-9
This workbook provides repeated and targeted practice in essential comprehension skills to ensure mastery. An important resource for all students.
Age: 10-14
What  motivates youngsters  to take up cricket? Is it fame and recognition, pride at representing a state and then India if luck holds up?Cricket changed my life tells  the stories...
Age: 14
Genre: Nonfiction
Plunge beneath the surface of the Titanic with this awesome book. Filled with fun facts and cool illustrations.
Age: 10-13,8-9,14
Draw Comic Strips with Ajit Narayan
Cartoonist- Ajit Narayan invites you into the quirky world of comic strips. Learn to draw cool comic strips- create your own characters, write witty one-liners, illustrate and make your own comics....
Age: 8-14
Draw Crtoons With Ajit Narayan
Here's a book for every aspiring cartoonist...Through this easy-to-use reference guide, packed with visual examples and tips, Ajit Narayan shares his skills to help you master one of the most...
Age: 10-13,8-9
Draw from Photographs
by: Taps Guha
Tapas Guha teaches you how to draw from photographs. From basic portraits of people to a range of animals like furry dogs and neighbourhood birds, captured in a variety of poses- cawing, resting,...
Age: 8-13