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Where's the Baby Gone?
Follow the baby on her colorful adventure as she wades through red sauce, green chutney, black...
Age: 3-7
The Great Alphabet Hunt
The octopus is in the office- the buffalo is on the beach. This unique alphabet book takes the...
Age: 3-7
Little Koel Finds His Song
Little Koel does not know how to sing. He asks several birds if they will teach him but no one...
Age: 3-7
A delightfully illustrated story, which introduces children to the various creatures in the ocean.
Age: 3-7
The A to Z Book
The A to Z Book has over a hundred vocabulary words to teach kindergarten children the alphabet....
by: Aditi Deo
Age: 3-7
Silly Dilly
A delightfully illustrated book, which teaches children about animals and their habitats.
Age: 3-7
Aladdin: My Special Book to Color
Now follow the adventures of Alladin by adding colourful strokes of your own choice!
Age: 3-7
The Lion King
A fabulous story about the adventures of Simba, the son of Mufasa, the king of the lions.
Age: 3-7
Follow the all time favourite adventures of Alladin with magic lamps, genies, evil magicians,...
Age: 3-7
The Giggler Treatment
The Gigglers usually know what they're doing. When adults are mean to kids - making them go to...
Age: 3-7


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