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How I Saved My Father's Life
by: Ann Hood
So howdid I -Madelne Vandermeer -fairly normal girlfrom a fairly normal family -decide to become a saint?Well- while my father was in Idaho-I performed a miracle and saved his life. Now my life was...
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 770
Make way for Tooth Decay
Bacteria will always say- please make way for tooth decay!
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 210
Poppleton and Friends
The Poppleton books are an excellent way to help children learn to read. Using simple language and humorous- everyday experiences- Poppleton's fun adventures can be enjoyed by a beginner or read...
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 360
Clifford' s First School Day
Clifford's first day at school is filled with finger painting- cookie-baking- and other messy misadventures that make Clifford more lovable than ever.
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 440
Clifford and the Halloween Parade
It is Halloween. What will Clifford be? You can read this story yourself!
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 50
Clifford To The Rescue
With the creation of Clifford- everyone's favorite oversized red dog- Norman Bridwell- a former commercial artist- established himself as one of the most popular American children's book authors....
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 170
The Three Questions
When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 410
The Dog Who Cried Woof
After hearing the tale of Stinky- the skunk ghost- Clifford and T-Bone are wary of entering the woods where the ghost is supposed to live. Cleo convinces them there's nothing to be afraid of. Then...
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 100
Clifford's Class Trip
Clifford is taking the kids on a class trip. But at the science museum- Clifford wrecks Mr T-Rex- and at the aquarium- he makes the octopus mighty mad! What kind of trouble will Clifford get into...
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 170
The Big Itch
Clifford has an itch. Emily Elizabeth wants to take him to the vet. But Clifford does not want to go.
Age: 3-7
Lexile: 200