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Cat got your tongue? Penny for your thoughts? Come again? Everyday- idioms bring colour to our speech. Since they don?t really mean what they say- idioms can stump even the native English speaker....
Age: 10-13,8-9,14,3-7
Subject: English, Reference Books
Based on the popular Hello Reader! series of books, this picture dictionary includes more than 650 useful words used in the Hello Reader! books, designed in a reader- friendly format. Using bright,...
Age: 3-7
Subject: Reference Books
by: No Author
Containing 12000 synonyms- 10000 antonyms and 2000 homonyms- this versatile book is the perfect reference tool for student writers. Not only will it help students expand their vocabularies- this...
Age: 10-13,8-9,14,3-7
Subject: Reference Books
Authoritative and engaging, this dictionary has been designed to reflect the vocabulary and interests of elementary students.
Age: 10-13,8-9,14,4-7
Subject: Reference Books
Delightful first dictionary with simple definitions of over 1000 words. Each word is illustrated with Jo Litchfield's hand-made models and has a short sentence showing how the word is used....
Age: 3-7
Subject: Reference Books