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Tune into all sorts of cool musical happenings- from the birth of the Blues to the amazing invention of a sound-recording machine. Get into the groove with mind-boggling musical instruments and...
Age: 10-13,8-9
Subject: General Knowledge
First- name the cups and balls - the top trick of the ancient world. Then- the Indian rope trick had people disappearing into thin air. Now- magicians can fly over the grand canyon and freeze...
Age: 10-13,8-9
Subject: General Knowledge
First- they were a figment of our imaginations. Then- they started to replace large numbers of people in factories. Now- they're doing our housework and performing brain-surgery. Yes- riotous...
Age: 10-13,8-9
Subject: General Knowledge
First- Greek gods swooped down from the heavens. Then- the man came who blew up his head using a camera. Now- computers can make animals talk- aliens walk and dinosaurs roam the earth.
Age: 10-13,8-9
Subject: General Knowledge
Totally: Awesome Archaeology
Ever wanted to know… Why its dangerous to follow ducks into tombs? How to expose a cannibal using fossilized poo? Why the burrowing bunny is a threat? Its all in… TOTALLY AWESOME ARCHAEOLOGY!
Age: 8-13
Subject: General Knowledge