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Scholastic Active English - Why ACTIVE English Works

  1. Why ACTIVE English Works

    Easy to Teach, Easy to Learn

    Scholastic ACTIVE English has been developed by a global team of authors and editors in close consultation with, and feedback from Heads of Department and teachers. Drawing expertise from a diversity of contexts has resulted in a rich programme that is practical, useful and inspiring.


    Instructional Design of Scholastic ACTIVE English


    Literacy acquisition is most effective through the integrated teaching of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and the active engagement of students. Scholastic ACTIVE English advocates this integrated approach to learning and literacy development through a systematic and consistent instructional design and scope and sequence.




    • Engages students with a diversity of contexts and text types






    • Offers a systematic and effective instructional design that leads to active learner engagement






    • Uses the Show-Explain-Apply methodology to teach







    • Provides activities for continuous and comprehensive assessment


    • Offers extensive support for teachers to prepare and deliver lessons easily and effectively

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