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Alpha Mathematics - Develops mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills

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Why ALPHA Works

Teaches via problem solving

ALPHA Mathematics teaches via problem solving through the systematic development of problem sets; and by focusing on both aspects of problem solving - the method and the process.

Focus on the Problem Solving Process

ALPHA Mathematics explicitly teaches an efficient 4-step UPAC problem solving process. This process builds good habits for approaching mathematical problems of all levels of difficulty.

Focus on the Problem Solving Method

ALPHA Mathematics explicitly teaches different problem solving strategies and how to select, express, categorise and compare these strategies.

Problem Solving Strategies

Varied Problem Sets

Students progress through different types of problem sets including word problems and non-routine problems.

Word Problems

  • Enable students to apply knowledge learned and make mathematics relevant to daily life.
  • Assess students’ ability to apply knowledge learned.

Non-routine Problems

  • Provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge to unusual or complex problem situations.
  • Develop higher order thinking skills.

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