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Topic by Topic Dictionary is designed to help young learners acquire vocabulary faster. It breaks away from the traditional approach of listing words alphabetically. Instead, the words and phrases in...
Clifford the Big Red Dog is aneponymously titled Americanchildren's book series about a bigred dog named Clifford. It was firstpublished in 1963 and was writtenby Norman Bridwell....
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Zain and Ana lead a life riddledwith anxieties and questions. Dofish like spinach? Is the dragon inthe pond lonely? If you dig a holethat's deep enough, will you fallright through to China? Can...
Bone is an independently published, epic comic book series, written and illustrated by Jeff Smith, originally serialized in 55 irregularly released issues from 1991 to 2004. Smith's black-and-...
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Exploring Social Studies is an exciting social studies series for levels 1 to 5.
This series of six workbooks provides ample practice for students on picture composition writing. All the topics are relevant toeveryday situations.
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Jake's a kid like any other – magical.His power is the gift ofimagination and he uses it to have fun. Sometimes this gets Jake into trouble… But like most kids, ...
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The book of Awesome Knowledge is a series of eight books that makes learning general knowledge fun and interactive with unbelievable facts, wacky trivia and puzzling questions that will leave the...