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The Best Choice to Measure Reading Progress

Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) is a research-based, computer adaptive programme that helps educators assess and track students' reading skills, match students to appropriate readers and craft an instructional programme to suit students' needs and abilities.
Scholastic Reading Inventory: The best choice to measure reading progress
  • Administer fast and reliable low-stakes assessment to inform instruction and make accurate placement recommendations.
  • Assesses students directly on a proven, computer-adaptive instrument that provides a highly accurate score.
  • Provides immediate, actionable data on students' reading levels and growth over time.
  • Helps educators differentiate instruction and make meaningful interventions that are targeted, personalised and effective.



SRI can be administered to any student regardless of age and grade level. As a computer-adaptive test, SRI is designed for quick administration in an untimed, low-pressure environment.

  • Student selects areas of reading interest.
  • Student spends approximately 20 minutes taking the test.
  • Student receives a personalised reading list based on areas of interest and measured reading ability.



SRI automatically scores and analyses student performance data and provides educators with a wide range of reports that support reading placement, progress monitoring and differentiated instruction.

  • Provides individual student's test history; allows monitoring of progress; helps select appropriate readers.
  • Groups students into proficiency bands; supports appropriate reading placement and differentiated instruction.
  • Provides an overview of student reading performance on a school-wide basis.


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