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Professional Development for Educators

School improvement efforts over the last few years not only require teachers to provide meaningful engaged learning for a very diverse student population, but also to study, implement and assess learner outcomes. Teachers are expected to understand emerging standards and views of learning and to change their roles and practice accordingly. Unfortunately, the demands posed by daily teaching and other aspects of the school continue to absorb bulk of teachers’ energy, thought and attention. In working towards change, teachers need to be continually supported with professional development.

Professional development can no longer be viewed as an event that occurs on a particular day of the school year rather it must become part of the daily work life of education.

We at Scholastic believe that it is not enough to just produce excellent educational texts; we also need to equip our teachers with the skills to make the learning process a meaningful one.

It is with this objective that Scholastic India offers programmes for educators. The innovative, pedagogically sound sessions equip educators with exciting methods to explore different ways of exploiting the educational materials to enhance the teaching-learning experience. All the activities are designed to enhance the importance of collaborative learning.

The success of these workshops can be attributed to the motivated and participative educators and the excellent methodologies demonstrated by our eminent panel of resource people.

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