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Telling Spooky Stories

Kids love listening to a spooky story because it allows them to peek into a scary and exciting place while your love keeps them safe. Whether you read a story or make one up, use these age-appropriate tips.

  • Set the mood with lighting—flashlights in the dark for older kids, slightly dimmed lights for younger children.
  • Use a low, slow voice for a spooky start. Punctuate your story with noises like a wolf howling, a hag cackling, or wind hissing.
  • Let kids (8 and under) see the scary thing coming in advance—don’t give them any big surprises. Turn the climax into something silly or funny instead of frightening, and end the story definitively, so that the scary thing will be gone for good.
  • Give 8-11 year olds a jump. A loud noise or sudden movement could do the trick. Your goal is a quick fright, not nightmares.
  • Scare six-year-old out of their knickers with the goriest, creepiest tales you’ve got. The grosser the better.
  • Reading Tip for Parents: Labels of Love - Word recognition and vocabulary are important parts of reading. On a rainy day, get some paper and tape and start labeling everything in your home from furniture to small knick-knacks. Reading these labels repeatedly will build your child’s mental word bank. If your family is bilingual, create labels in both languages.

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