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Weekly tips for parents

Weekly Tips

Go straight to the coat hook – just like school!  (0 – 5 Age)

Make it easy for your child to organize her own things as soon as she comes in the house. Hang a hook that she can easily reach near the door or inside a storage closet for her jacket and backpack. Encourage her to go straight to this spot right after entering the house, and heading there again when it’s time to go somewhere else.

Your child's strengths can help them conquer harder concepts. (6-7 Age)

In 1983, Howard Gardner identified 8 different intelligences in children: linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kina esthetic, musical, spatial, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Honing in on the intelligence(s) that your children have can help both you and their teacher’s best meet their needs.

Is your child familiar with the art of letter writing? (8 – 10 Age)

Introduce the skill by suggesting that your child write to his favorite author or musician. Look for contact information on the book jacket or CD cover. Help him outline what he'd like to say in the letter, and format it with the heading, greetings, body text, and closing. When he's done, encourage him to post it and wait for a response!

Show your son an easy acronym to keep his messy notes organized. (11- 13 Age)

 If your son is a messy note-taker, show him the DT2C note-taking method. First, write the Date. If the teacher says the test is on every topic since Monday, he knows where to start studying. Next, he writes the Topic. Finally, he creates 2 Columns; the larger left side is for note-taking.  The smaller right side is for questions and comments.

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