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Frequently Asked Questions

About Book Fair

What is a Scholastic Book Fair ?

A Scholastic Book Fair is an event in school that celebrates reading. Age-appropriate books are displayed in specially designed child-friendly racks. It is usually a 3 or more days event ending ideally with a PTM. The Scholastic Book fair is an easy way to purchase age-appropriate books in schools. And a place where we connect children with books.  

What kind of books can be found in the Scholastic Book Fair?

• The books are chosen by experts ensuring that every book available in the fair is an age-appropriate worthy buy

• Books for age groups 2 to young adult

• Selection of books across genres, formats and themes

• Award-winning titles and authors

• A wide range of fiction ranging from classics to latest releases

• Skill builders

• Wide variety of reference books

• Graphic novels

• Books on hobbies, puzzles, games and activity packs

• Teacher’s professional books

• Parenting books


School and Book Fair

How many days are ideal for a Book Fair?

A Book Fair works best when it is held for 3 or more days. The objective of Scholastic Book Fairs is to expose children to a fascinating world of books. It is absolutely essential that the children browse through the books on display, get the essence of the books through touch and feel. We encourage schools to send children classwise to the Book Fair for proper browsing so that the children are fully aware of books available in the fair to facilitate appropriate choice.

What is the ideal venue for a Book Fair in the school?

Any place in the school that is easily accessible by children and parents like the front lobby, playground, assembly hall, etc.