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Book Fairs

Benefits to Schools

An excellent way of

exposing children

to a wide array of


The school earns

incentives for hosting





The incentives

accumulated can be

redeemed in the form of

book and non-book


for the


Schools get the advantage

of exposing their children

to activities and workshops

related to books






  • Before
  • During
  • After

1. Getting started

iconThe school decides on an appropriate time to host the Scholastic Book Fair, and the duration.

An ideal Scholastic Book Fair is of 3 or more days, usually coinciding with a Parent Teacher Meeting in the school.

iconOnce decided, communicate these dates to the Scholastic representative assigned to your school, who will confirm and send a Book Fair confirmation letter to the school.

For effective management it is advised to communicate the proposed dates to the Scholastic representative at least 6 weeks in advance.

2. Recruit your school representative

iconThe school designates a contact person to coordinate with our Scholastic representative regarding all arrangements for the fair.

iconOur Scholastic representative is in regular conversation with the contact person on the school for all the planning.

3. Planning & Advertisement

Our Scholastic representactive will effectively converse with the school contact person and plan and decide on:

iconThe best venue for the Book Fair

iconThe date and time the Book Fair

iconPlacing of publicity posters for the Book Fair

iconAdequate publicity for the Book Fair within the school

iconActivities to be conducted during the Book Fair

iconBrowsing schedule for the Book Fair

iconRequest for volunteers to man the Book Fair (student volunteers or enthusiastic parents)

iconInvites for parents in case of non-PTM fairs

iconDate and time of Book Fair material arriving in the school

iconContact details of all school staff involved in the Book Fair to ensure smooth preparation for the Book Fair

4. Set-up and execution of the plan

iconBased on the planning efforts, our Scholastic representatives drafts out a process sheet for the Book Fair and shares it with the Book Fair execution team.

iconOur Book Fair team comprising of a Book Fair Executive and Book Fair Assistant arrives at the school, a day before the Book Fair.

iconDisplay is set up, using our own child-friendly Scholastic racks.

iconBook Fair is given a festive look.

5. Buzz, Excitement & Inauguration

iconAdequate publicity of the Book Fair is done within the school.

iconBook Fair is inaugurated by the Principal of the school or any other invitee decided by the school.

6. Run your fair

iconThe fair is thrown open to the students to savour the joys of reading.

7. Wrap up

iconThe approximate fair revenue is communicated to the Principal along with a thank you letter by the Book Fair Executive and the incentive that the school is entitled to.

iconThe school can choose books from the fair display for incentive settlement. As a gesture of thanksgiving to the school, we offer a percentage of the sales generated in the book fair in form of complimentary books for the school library. The Book Fair Executive will draw up the list of selected titles, and the titles are sent to the school within 3-4 weeks of the fair.

iconThe final bill is dispatched to the school, in approximately 3 weeks time once the cash memo entries are done in the system.

iconBook lists and catalogs are sent to the school for incentive clearance in case the school has not chosen books from the Book Fair.