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Why Scholastic ACTIVE English works

The ACTIVE English series is based on a pedagogical approach and instructional design that:

Uses an integrated approach to complete literacy development

ACTIVE English's unit instructional design facilitates the teaching of language skills in an integrated manner, helping students to connect, transfer and build upon the different skills

Before-reading Questions

Before-reading questions to check prior knowledge and help students identify with the theme.

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Teaches English through a diverse range of contexts and text types

ACTIVE English incorporates a wide range of authentic texts, drawn from diverse contexts and in a variety of text types.

Familiar Contexts

Familiar contexts make learning relevant. Familiarity allows to child to think beyond the boundaries of the text.

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Uses the Show-Explain-Apply technique for grammar teaching

ACTIVE English's Show-Explain Apply methodology meets the needs and abilities of first generation English learners. It makes lessons achievable, boosts motivation and confidence.

Clearly Marked Symbols

Contextual examples of the concept or topic being taught.

Explaining the concept through simple definitions and more examples, where required.

Using the concept learnt in context.

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Teaches language skills through spiral progression of increasing difficulty

ACTIVE English teaches language skills systematically in a spiral progressive way at increasing levels of difficulty.

Spiral Progression

As students progress through the levels, spiral progression enables them to build upon small successes leading to mastery. This makes learning English easy.

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Provides extensive teacher support to conduct lessons in a systematic, effective manner

ACTIVE English Teacher's Manual presents easy to implement teaching suggestions and follows a structured instructional approach that helps teachers to plan, teach and assess in a systematic and effective manner.

Deliver Lessons Easily

The Scheme of Work is an overview of the unit by period, listing the skill focus, objectives, materials and resources. It guides the teacher to deliver lessons easily.

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Program Components

ACTIVE English is an English programme that builds the foundation for literacy and makes the teaching and learning of English simple and enjoyable. Each level of the programme consists of:

Coursebooks, Workbooks, Literature Readers, Teacher's Manuals, Audio CDs.

Table of Contents

ACTIVE English covers all four literacy skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as grammatical proficiency, offering equal emphasis to each skill, enabling students to connect, transfer and build upon the different skills.

Sample Pages

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