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Programme Components

  • For Children

  • For Teachers


Coursebooks offer an integrated approach to learning and literacy development through a systematic instructional design and scope and sequence to ensure mastery. 
There is one Coursebook for each year level.


Workbooks extend learning and provide practice for reinforcement and consolidation. Each unit in the Workbook correlates to a unit in the Coursebook.
There is one Workbook for each year level.

Literature Readers

Literature Readers are an exciting anthology of authentic, age-appropriate texts specially selected to provide focused reading practice and exposure to a variety of text types.
There is one Literature Reader for each year level.

Teacher’s Manuals

Teacher’s Manuals provide extensive support including detailed lesson plans, learning objectives, suggested activities and additional resources to help teachers prepare and deliver lessons easily and effectively.

Audio CDs

Audio CDs contain recordings of all Coursebook reading texts and scripts for the listening activities.

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